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What should businesses do in case of losing their seal?



What should businesses do in case of losing their seal?

The following article will guide you to quickly handle cases where the company lost its seal in accordance with the current law.

There are 2 ways to handle the loss of the seal in 2 cases as follows:

Case 1: Enterprise was established before July 1, 2015.

Enterprises established before the effective date of the Law on Enterprises 2014, using the child issued by the police in accordance with the State’s regulations, when losing their seal, will be handled as follows:

Step 1: The enterprise prepares the procedure to notify the loss of its seal or seal sample certificate and send it to the police agency of the unit that issued the certificate of seal registration and the enterprise does it themselves new seal.
Step 2: The enterprise will proceed to notify the change of the new seal sample to the agency where the business is registered to re-post information on the national portal about business registration.
In this case, the business registration office will not force the enterprise to affix the old seal sample in the Notice.

Case 2: Enterprise established after July 1, 2015

If the business is established under the Enterprise Law 2014, regulations on the management and use of the seal will be done by the enterprise. In case the enterprise loses its seal, it is handled as follows:


– Enterprises wishing to continue using the seal sample: with the quantity and form notified to the business registration agency, the enterprise can make a new seal to replace the lost seal. There is no need to notify the DKKD agency.


– Enterprise wants to change the seal sample: before using the new seal sample, the enterprise shall send a notice of change of the seal sample to the business registration office to re-upload information on the National Portal of registration enterprises according to regulations. In this case, the Business Registration Office will not require enterprises to affix the old seal sample in the Notice.

After the announcement of changing the seal sample is completed, you can go to the national information on business registration to check whether the seal sample has been posted or not.


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