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With the current global economic integration, the interconnections between economies are huge, there will be no barrier for goods and services between economies.

Trade barriers about Tariffs are nearly to eliminated with bilateral and multilateral commitments between economies.
So, Intellectual property rights in general (trademarks, industrial designs, inventions, trade secrets ...), will be the advantages for your business to expand business to the regional market and world market.

What are your concerns about industrial property rights when expanding its market of products, services for reaching out  to the world?

  • Have your tradetrademarks been registered in Vietnam and in the international market?
  • Did you infringe on the proprietary exclusive rights of any tradetrademarks?
  • How to register international exclusive tradetrademarks in Vietnam?
  • Have any competitors registered to establish your own brands in international market?
  • If you infringe someone else's trademark, or if someone else infringes on your trademark, how will it be handled?
  • And many other international trademark registration issues that you are concerned about.

With the characteristics of intellectual property rights valid only  territorial area  which is registered for the establishment of a right, it does not automatically establish rights in other countries when it registers itself exclusively in your country.

So that the property rights of the trademarks, industrial design, inventions .... shall be arised from other countries and territories must register to establish the rights in the countries and territories in which you want to expand the market.

How to register international exclusive trademarks from Vietnam?

There are two ways to register international exclusive trademarks in Vietnam:

- The first, applying directly to the country you want to register (All of procedures in accordance with the laws of that country), which applies to countries and territories that are not members of Madrid, or only International exclusive trademarks registration in another country.

- Second, Registration of exclusive international trademarks under the Madrid Agreement of Vietnamese origin (must be through the industrial property representation service)  

  • Execution:

Receipt of applications: The application is submitted to the International Office through the National Office of Intellectual Property - The National Office of Intellectual Property is responsible for transferring the international trademarks application to the International Office.

  • Procedding:

Directly at the headquarters of the National Office of Intellectual Property in Hanoi, Representative Office of the Department in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. - By mail.

  • Component, quantity of documents:

Component of document shall be contain:

        + International trademarks application (be riquired to write in France)

        +  Declaration (made on the stipulated form)

        +  A sample of the mark (09 samples, size 80x80 mm)

        + The relevant documents (if necessary)

        + Receipt for payment of fees and charges

  • Execution time: Duration of transfering for the International Office: 30 days  from the date of receipt of a valid application.

NGUYEN VA CONG SU INTERNATIONAL LAWFIRM CO.,LTD (NVCS), a company with the function of representing the industrial property in accordance to the current law, with more than 10 years of experience in the field of intellectual property rights in Vietnam and International.

With a team of over 60 employees including: Lawyers, legal experts, trained professionals in the intellectual property will help the customers consult, look up, register the establishment of international trademark rights, estimate your fees for conducting international trademark registration in Vietnam.

Any questions contact NVCS for detailed advices.

Contact us: 

Hotline:   0919 19 59 39 (Call Lawyer immediately for free consultation)

Email: (Just CLICK on Email and fill in the blank with your information, the Customers shall be complete the legal process within 07 days)


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