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Marriage life raises numerous problems that need discussion and agreement between the two parties to find a solution. When the conflict cannot be resolved, the marriage relationship is not reached, divorce is the last solution that both sides can work together to give another chance to get a family. However, divorce is not a thing of requiring the Court to recognize or declare the end of a spousal relationship but also involves issues such as property division, child custody, support obligations like other rights and obligations. Therefore, when deciding to divorce, the parties need to find an attorney with experience in this field to help the parties gain the best benefits.

  1. What is a lawyer handling a divorce case?
  • A lawyer is a person with qualifications and extensive legal knowledge;
  • A lawyer is a person who regularly reads and researches and applies laws, so Lawyers solve problems flexibly based on their experience;
  • A lawyer is a person who is trained not only as a legal knowledge but also with vocational training and professional training, which is a lawyer practice skill so that he will be a good consultant.
  • A lawyer must be a person who is eligible to practice as prescribed by law and participates in consultancy and proceeding activities at the request of an individual or organization in order to protect his / her lawful rights and interests. , the organization requested assistance.
  1. What kind of consultant work which involving divorce is conducted in Nguyen and Cong Su?
    • Counseling law on marriage and divorce
  • Giving advice on property division;
  • Giving advice on divorce and unilateral divorce, whether the divorce resolution is different in the case of the spouse cannot reach an agreement on divorce. If it is different, how is different?
  • Giving advice on the procedure for divorce in case the parties do not agree to divorce;
  • Giving advice on procedure when both parties agree to divorce;
  • Giving advice on child support obligations;
    • Counseling law on resolving disputes in a divorce case
  • Giving advice on resolving divorce cases directly at the office of International Law Firm Nguyen and Cong Su;
  • Giving orientation for customers on how to handle disputes related to divorce cases;
  • Answering customers’ questions about the proceedings in dealing with divorce cases;
  • Representing customers to agree to divide properties or request a court to divide assets;
  • Drafting the petition, customer representative filed the petition to request settlement of property, support or child-raising issues;


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