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  1. What is criminal law consultant?
  • A lawyer is a qualified person with deep legal knowledge;
  • A lawyer is a person who regularly reads and researches and applies laws, so Lawyers solve problems flexibly based on their experience;
  • Lawyers are trained not only legal knowledge but also vocational training, professional training, which is a law practice skill, so Lawyers will be consultants, solicitors your best problem.
  • A lawyer must be a person who is qualified to practice law and participate in consultancy and procedure activities at the request of an individual or organization in order to protect his/her lawful rights and interests, organizations asking for help.
  1. What kind of job that Criminal Law Consultants do?

Established and operating legally since 2010, Nguyen and Associates International Law Firm with a team of more than 60 lawyers and associates will represent clients handling matters related to criminal cases at Courts and other authorities. At Nguyen International Law Firm and Associates, Criminal Law Consultants practice issues such as:

2.1. Criminal law advice on different types of crime

  • Counseling on the age of criminal responsibility;
  • The time limit for criminal prosecution of less serious, serious, very serious and particularly serious crimes;
  • Counseling on imprisonment penalties in accordance with the Criminal Code 1999, Criminal Code 2005, Criminal Code 2015, amendments to 2017;
  • Counseling on the postponement of imprisonment penalties, exemption from serving imprisonment penalties;
  • Providing legal advice on common crimes such as rape, murder, intentionally causing injuries, trading in counterfeit goods, trafficking or illegal use of narcotics …;
  • Customer representative works with investigating authorities in resolving a criminal case;
  • Representing clients to work with authorities in resolving criminal cases;
  • Analysis for customers to understand the advantages and benefits of customers in the case;
  • Assess the authenticity of the file and evidence in a criminal case;


2.2. Consultancy on resolving disputes in criminal cases

  • Counseling on resolving criminal cases directly at the office of Nguyen and Cong Su International Law Firm;
  • Orientation for customers on how to handle disputes in criminal cases;
  • Answering customers’ questions about pre-proceeding procedures in resolving criminal cases;
  • Drafting the petition, customer representative filed a criminal lawsuit at the competent state agency;
  • Represent and coordinate with customers when working with authorities such as taking testimonies, field experiments …

In addition to investigating and analyzing the case, analyzing the legal basis, contacting and working directly with the procedure-conducting agencies such as Investigation agencies, procuracies, and prison officials are very hard. The resolution of criminal cases requires the advice of lawyers experienced in this field. Therefore, when problems related to criminal matters arise, you should immediately contact the Criminal Law Consulting Lawyer for assistance.


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