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Form of license to use trademark

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Intellectual property has become one of the valuable assets of a business today. IP assets can be mentioned such as literary works, music, computer software, inventions, inventions, utility solutions, industrial designs, etc. Especially among them is the trademark, this is considered a sign to distinguish from goods and services of other organizations and individuals. Accordingly, organizations and individuals holding the right to use the mark have the right to transfer the right to use that mark to another organization or individual through a licensing agreement. In particular, a license license contract is an agreement between the parties whereby the licensor allows other organizations or individuals to use the mark within the agreed period and term. Contents of a licensing contract include:

a) Full name and address of the licensor and the licensee;

b) Bases for licensing;

c) Type of contract;

d) Scope of transfer, including restrictions on use rights, territorial restrictions;

dd) Contract term;

e) License price;

g) Rights and obligations of the licensor and the licensee.

A contract is valid according to an agreement between the parties, but only legally valid for a third party when it is registered with the state management agency in charge of industrial property rights. The default use terminates if the assigner’s industrial property rights are terminated.

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