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Some requirements for trademark registration applications



Basic requirements for a trademark application.

– Application and accompanying documents must be in Vietnamese, exceptions must be in accordance with the provisions of law.

– Documents in the application file for registration of trademark protection must be presented in the vertical direction of the paper, except documents on drawings, charts and diagrams may be displayed horizontally of the paper. presented on A4 paper.

– For form-based documents, use the prescribed form and fill in all required information.

– If a document is multi-page, each page must be marked in Arabic numerals order.

– The documents of the intellectual property right registration must be printed with indelible ink and presented in a clean manner without erasing or repairing. In the event of a minor insignificant error in a document submitted to the NOIP, the applicant may correct it, but the place of correction must be signed and sealed if any of the applicant.

– The application must be presented according to Vietnamese standard without using dialects or strange, rare words, self-created words …

– Application must have all documents as well as samples, pictures, drawings … as required by single wall.

– Documents and I declare must be full of mandatory and consistent information.

– The object stated in the trademark registration application must be clearly grouped and classified. Otherwise, the NOIP will classify and the applicant must pay the classification fee.


2 The requirements for declarations in the registration dossier for trademark protection are as follows

– The declaration must be submitted according to the prescribed form of the circular and 2 declarations must be submitted.

– The description of the mark must clearly state that the type of mark is a common trademark, a collective mark, a certification mark or an associated mark.

– The declaration must contain a trademark sample which is described in words, including meanings, colors, words, words, numbers … if any.

– The list of goods or services bearing a mark in the signed application must be classified and grouped according to the international classification standards. If not, the NOIP will conduct the classification and the applicant must pay the classification fee.

Requirements for a mark sample in a trademark application file are as follows:


The application must be accompanied by 5 identical mark samples and 1 trademark sample attached to the declaration form and must satisfy the following requirements:

– The trademark sample must be clearly presented with the size of 80mmx80mm printed on the declaration form.

– If the trademark is a 3-dimensional image, the trademark sample must be accompanied by drawings or photos or with a description of the projected image.


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