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Consultancy of Land Law

Nguyễn Thành Tựu


Job title: MBA Lawyer – CEO- 

Phone: +84

Email: tuulawyer@nvcs.vn

Consultancy area: Investment- Tax- M&A – IP – Dispute settle.

Language: Vietnamese – English

Consultancy of Land Law

Land legal relations are considered to be more complicate than other legal relations.

Content of consultancy:

1. Provide consultancy of contract’s form.

+ How to establish a contract of house purchase which is ensured regulation and sufficiency.

+ Give an expert advice to improve the contract, to make sure that the contract won’t be invalid.

2. Provide consultancy of rights and obligations of parties.

Rights and obligations of the party selling house.

+ Regulations of house transference and requirement the party buying to receive house.

+ Regulations of money transference.

+ Procedure for purchase house, legalizing land and house in time and in the right legal order.

+ Method of ensuring the payment obligation of the purchaser.

+ Limited housing ownership.

+ Regulations maintaining the residential house already sold pending its transfer to the purchaser

+ Procedure and dossier of house transference.

+ Procedure for house purchasing.

Rights and obligations of the purchaser

+ How to request the seller to transfer the house and dossiers in time.

+ How to pay safely and sufficiently.

+ How to coordinate with the seller to complete the procedure for transferring ownership.

3. Provide consultancy of contribution of the contract’s content.

+ Contents needing expressing in the contract.

+ Payment method and carrying out the obligation of house transference.

+ Time of payment and transference.

+ Contribution of rights and obligations of the parties in the contract.

+ Liability for breach of contract.

+ Circumstances in which the contract become invalid.

+ Appropriate fine for breach of contract.

+ Contribution the appendix of the contract.

+ Other relevant matters.

4. Provide consultancy of changing the content of the contract, termination or cancellation of the contract.

+ Give advice of changing the content of the contract.

+ How to change the content of the contract: made without witnesses, made in the presence of witnesses, notarized and authenticated contracts.

+ Termination or cancellation of the contract under legal provisions.

+ How to terminate or cancel the contract, which ensures maximum interests.

5. Provide consultancy of initiation a lawsuit to protect the rights.

+ Forms of initiation a lawsuit to protect rights.

+ How to make a lawsuit petition and procedure for initiating a lawsuit.

+ Represent to appeal and protect customer’s rights.


Hotline: +84 919 19 59 39 (Call Lawyer immediately for free consultation – Mr. Tuu)

Email: Luatsu@nvcs.vn (Just CLICK on Email and fill in the blank with your information, the Customers shall be quickly complete the legal process)

 0919 19 59 39    

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