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Author and co-author



An author is a person or people who co-create a literary, scientific or artistic work

Co-authors are considered co-owners of literary, scientific, and artistic works and are entitled to the rights of the author (including personal and property rights). In cases where a personal organization invests material or interests or under another contractual agreement to create a work, he / she also enjoys the rights of the co-author.

Co-authors come in two types: indivisible co-authors and divisible co-authors. A co-author with a division tag is the author who created a piece of work that can be used independently, or can create a transparent part.

So what is copyright? What rights are included?

Copyrights are the rights of individuals or organizations to works that have been created or owned. Includes: Personal rights and property rights

– Moral rights are the right to have names on works that are autographs or real names when publishing the work. Right to name the work you compose. To protect the work completely from distorting, truncating, or adding or subtracting the work in any way, the right to publish or empower others to publish their works.

– Property rights are the right to translate a work into many different languages ​​into derivative works, the right to reproduce the work, the right to perform the work in public, to distribute or import an original or a copy of the work. Products. Renting works, communicating the work to the public by many means.

Acts of infringement of copyright

– Impersonating the author.

– Plagiarizing, distorting or truncating the work to harm the reputation or honor of the author.

– Appropriating other people’s works and copyrights

– Trading in or publishing works of co-authors without permission.

– Translate the work to make a derivative work without the author’s permission.

– Using the work without the permission of the author.

– Copying, producing works for trading or renting the work without the consent of the author.

– Publishing works without the consent of the copyright owner.

– Change the rights management information in electronic form contained in the work.

– Forging and trading the work without the consent of the author


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